In this page we suggest you step by step the places you can visit and where can you go to see and live the historical center of Palermo depending on the time that you have:

One day around Palermo:

At 9:30 (Duration 20 minutes) It’s time to go out and in only 2 minutes you can arrive to the Massaro Bar where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, pastries like cannoli and Sicilian cassate, also you can find salty food in the truly palermitan stile with arancine and fry food in different presentations as pizzette, or simply to admire our typical Sicilian pastry.
At 10:00 (Duration 90 minutes) When you’ve finished breakfast, in ten minutes walking you can arrive to Piazza Indipendenza, Monumental Historical Center of the city, where you can visit the Normandie Palace best known as Real Palace, the oldest residence in Europe, here at the first floor of the palace emerge the majestic Palatina Chapel, basilic of three halls with amazing byzantine mosaic on the top of the dome, transept and on the apses.
At 11:45 (Duration 30 minutes) getting out, in 15 minutes you can find the Convent of Cappuccini, very famous due to its catacombs, the sub terrain cemetery where it’s possible to see different mummies divided by social category; even though the most famous mummy is Rosalia Lombardo, a girl who died in a very early age and even now after almost hundred years later she seems to be simply sleeping.
At 12:30 (Duration 15 minutes) you can continue the tour in the historical center where you will find always in Piazza Indipendenza the Real Palace’s cookery, a very important piece of this tour that you can’t miss to taste the famous panelle and crocchè (a mix of fried potatoes and chickpeas) or a delicious panino with spleen and lungs to eat with cheese or lemon.
At 12:45 (Duration 60 minutes) continuing we pass by the Bonanno Ville and we will arrive to the majestic Cathedral of Palermo, the main place of cult of the city, and after visiting the dome it’s time to go down to Piazza Vigliena at the 4 angles or called also Sun’s Theater because during the light hours at least one of the four statues remain always illuminated by the sunlight.
At 13:45 (Duration 45 minutes) just after that at the right side we find Pretoria with its imponent fountain of the shame, one of the most beautiful fountains of all the historical center of Palermo, and instantly later we can visit the splendid church of the Martorana.
At 14:30 (Duration 240 minutes) from here you take Maqueda street to arrive in less than 15 minutes to Piazza Giuseppe Verdi where there is the beautiful Theater Massimo, emblem of the historical center of Palermo and reference point for the palemitan guide, so after that we get in the Ruggero settimo street to arrive to the beautiful Piazza Castelnuovo.
At 18:30 (Duration 240 minutes) At this point you can enjoy a tasty snack on the little streets that you will find in front of the Massimo Theatre where the real Palermitan intense activity starts around 18:00, so when you will finish your snack we suggest you to go to Piazza la Vucciria, historical market of Palermo, in the morning the street markets and the street sellers offer basic food products, the afternoon the place become a point of encounter to enjoy street food with a typical Palermitan style.

So, at this time the tour in the historical center ends, so there’s nothing else than come back to the Residence Montegrappa to rest and enjoy a comfortable bed, to do this you can take the urban bus No. 234 in the central station or if you feel still energized in 50 minutes walking you will arrive to the Massaro Bar where the tour started to live Palermo’s experience in just one day!